Sunday, July 6, 2014

Band practice notes

Glen seems inspired tonight. He's turned the bass up pretty loud and just jammed by himself for a bit, and the house is shaking. The fireworks outside finally stopped being a distraction, at least.

Matt has trouble getting to the band room because of the stairs, but he hobbles down on crutches and makes it work. He started using the drum stand to prop his leg up and plays sitting in his camp chair.

Not a lot of guests this particular evening. I'm glad Merideth could make it. I don't get to see her much.

They've played Carnival Asylum, The Thief, and two more from the usual set. They're working on The Space Between the Black Spot in your Eye right now. I'm liking the didgeridoo parts Adam is adding.

Matt has suggested I add a page with the band fliers. So stay tuned for that.

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