Sunday, February 8, 2015

Video Concepts in the works

As some of you know, there's a story line the songs are based on, involving a clown who becomes demon- possessed and goes insane. I can't give all the details on that story away yet but, considering the.... er, lack of literary writing skills among band members, I'll see if I can work with them on writing the story down and getting it printed in the next CD sleeve. For now, the Quorum is doing what it does best: Telling the story with music and conjuring up a video.

There are several potential non- band cast members for the video who are being considered, but obviously I can't go blabbing that info already. I'll find out more soon and see if there's a possibility of auditions, or if the Singular Mind of the Quorum has its collective heart set on its cast. I'm pretty sure the clown is in the bag, but that's all I know.

Adventure! Danger! Intrigue! Clowns! Demons! Really exciting instruments!!!

Stay tuned, kids.

Friday, January 30, 2015

It's been a minute

So there have been some changes since my last post. Matt's surgery went well, the recovery was difficult but he's okay now. And the bills are killing us even though we have insurance.

The band is on downtime as they have started recording. So far one track is finished, The Thief, including a sarcastic re-mix.

A new song has been written and is currently being perfected.

Adam and his amazing (seriously, we all love her) girlfriend Meredith have become the proud parents of baby Ike.

Finally, Glen just had a birthday. He's... I have no idea how old that fucker is. Thirties.

And, we're thinking of adding a new product to our merch line. Vote for your favorite! Your choices are:


Travel cups


Coffee mugs

Let us know what you'd be more likely to buy.