Sunday, August 24, 2014

Fishmonkey Good and Bad News

Good News, it's almost time for the annual Fish Monkey show! At Muse Music Cafe in Provo on August 29, the Delphic Quorum and five other unique bands will grace the stage in this musical noise experiment program that scares some people and delights others.

Bad news! The show was scheduled for the same day Matt is scheduled to have his long- awaited knee surgery. The other members of the Delphic Quorum have decided to do their best without him instead of canceling. As they say, the show must go on.

"I'm a little irritated with the timing," Matt said, "but there is going to be guest- star in my absence."

This mystery guest star may and may not play drums and most likely won't play theramin. In fact I have no idea just what he'll do, the only information I have is that the mystery guest star is male, and will be on stage with the Delphic Quorum.

I'll update as I'm able on the show and on Matt's surgery.

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